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Dynamics of Trigonometry

Page history last edited by Peter Ruckdeschel 5 years, 1 month ago

Dynamics of Trigonometry

3B Room G207

Dynamics of Trigonometry Course Outline.pdf

Dynamics of Trigonometry Grading Policy.pdf


Date Class Topic                                                          Homework Classwork                                            Resources
1 Review

Complete survey

Click Here

Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 1.pdf    
2 Review Study for quiz on summer packet.  Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 2.pdf    
9/11/2014  3 Review   Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 3.pdf    
9/15/2014  4 Test      
9/16/2014  5 Degrees and Radians & the Unit Circle   Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 5.pdf    
6 Coterminal Angles, Complementary and Supplementary Angles   Dynamics of Trig Day 6.pdf
9/19/2014 7 Review Unit 1  
Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 7.pdf    
9/23/2014  8 Quiz on Unit 1    Quiz    
9/29/2014 9 Right Triangle Trig (Applications)   Dynamics of Trig Day 9.pdf
10/1/2014  10 Trig Chart  
 Practice: Right Triangle Practice.pdf


Answer Key: Right Triangle Practice (Answer Key).pdf




11 Review  

Review: Review Unit 2- Right Triangle Trigonometry.pdf


Answer Key: Review Unit 2- Right Triangle Trigonometry (Solutions).pdf

10/7/2014  12 Quiz & Trig values of any angle   


Dynamics of Trig Day 12.pdf


Classwork: Coordinate Right Triangle Trig.pdf

10/9/2014  13 Reference Angles and Quadrantal Angles 


Dynamics of Trig Day 13.pdf

10/14/2014  14 Reference Angles, Quadrantal Angles and Trig Values of any angle  

Dynamics of Trig Day 14.pdf



Quiz on Reference Angles, Quadrantal Angles and Trig Values of Any Angle 

16 Review Unit 2    Unit 2 Test (Review).pdf  Dynamics Unit 2 Reviews answer Key.pdf
10/22/2014 17 Unit 2 Test      
10/24/2014  18 Graphing Sine and Cosine 


a, b, c, and d for each question:

Graphs of Sine and Cosine (dyanmics).pdf  

Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 15.pdf  



Steps for Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions.pdf

graph sine cosine project(revised).pdf

Trig Graph Paper (degrees).pdf

Trig Graph Paper (radians).pdf

10/28/2014 19 Graphing Sine and Cosine 
10/30/2014  20 Graphing Sine and Cosine 
  Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 19.pdf    
21 Graphing Sine and Cosine 
 Graphs of Sine and Cosine solving equations.pdf
Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 20.pdf    
11/5/2014  22 Graphing Sine and Cosine 
Take-home quiz: Dynamics Applications Sine and Cosine.pdf   Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 21.pdf    
11/12/2014  22  Unit 3 Review

Review: Unit 3 Quiz Review 1.pdf


Answer Key:  Unit 3 Quiz Review 1 (Answer Key).pdf

23  Unit 3 Review

Review:Unit 3 Test (Review).pdf


Answer Key:  Unit 3 Test (Review - Answer Key).pdf

24  Unit 3 Quiz
25  Linear Equations 

Dynamics of Trig Day 25.pdf


Graphing Game:


Slope Slider:



Slopes given two points

Equations of lines 



27 Graphs of Linear Equations Graphing Linear equations.pdf     



Linear Algebra using Real World Examples 


12/4/2014  29

Solving linear equations/Review Unit 4


Solving Linear equations.pdf

Unit 4 Quest (Review).pdf  

30 Quest on Unit 4
12/10/2014  31  Quadratic Equations  
Notes:  Quadratic equations Part 1.pdf  
12/12/2014  32

Factoring Quadratic Equations

  • Special Products 
Special Products (Factoring).pdf    Dynamics of Trig Day 32.pdf

x-factor: http://youtu.be/vVWm2gyROQQ 

Box Method: http://youtu.be/FxTiogyhwfc

Completing the Square: http://youtu.be/GyCuj1hx_zc

12/16/2014  33

Factoring Quadratic Equations 

  • No coefficient
  • GCF
  • Solving 

Simple Products (Factoring).pdf

Dynamics of Trig Day 33.pdf    
12/18/2014  34

Factoring Quadratic Equations 

  • Complex
  • Solving 
Complex Products (Factoring).pdf   Dynamics of Trig Day 34.pdf    
12/22/2014  35 Quiz on Factoring Quadratic Equations and Solving   
Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 35.pdf  


1/5/2015 36 Graphing Quadratic Equations   
Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 36.pdf    
1/7/2015 37 Graphing Quadratic Equations    Classwork:Modeling with Quadratics.pdf    
1/9/2015  38 Modeling Quadratic Equations Applications:  Quadratic Applications.pdf
  • Solve quadratics
  • Find the zeros
  • Determine the Vertex
  • Determine the Axis of Symmetry
  • Determine the Maximum/Minimum Areas 
1/13/2015  39 Complex Numbers 

 Answer Key:

Radicals answer key.pdf

Radicals Review.pdf
1/15/2015  40 Quadratic Formula Quadratics Answer Key:
 Quadratic equation Answer Key.pdf
Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 40.pdf    
1/20/2015  41
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Converting between forms

Radicals Worksheet (with answers):

Simplifying Radicals with imaginary numbers.pdf  

Converting between forms (with answers):

Converting between forms - with answers.pdf

Dynamics of Trig Day 41.pdf    
1/22/2015  42 Unit 5 Review  Stations Solutions: Unit 5 Stations Review Solutions.pdf
Stations Review: Unit 5 Stations Review.pdf  
1/26/2015  43

Unit 5 Test

1/28/2015  44

Polynomial Functions 

  Dynamics of Trig Day 44.pdf
1/30/2015 45 Polynomials: Synthetic Division

Worksheet: Synthetic Division.pdf


Complete section on Study Island. 

Dynamics of Trig Day 45.pdf
46 Polynomials: Graphs 

Study Island: Polynomials Graphs

Dynamics of Trig Day 46.pdf
2/5/2015  47 Polynomials: Graphs   Graphing Polynomials.pdf
2/9/2015  48 Operations with Polynomials   
Operations with Polynomials.pdf  
2/11/2015  49 Inequalities   Inequalities.pdf
2/13/2015 50 Absolute Values    Absolute Values.pdf
2/18/2015 51 Review of Unit 6 

Unit 6 Test Review.pdf


Unit 6 Test Review Solutions.pdf  

2/20/2015 52 Unit 6 Test       
2/24/2015  53 Exponents

Exponent Worksheet.pdf


Exponent Worksheet (Answers).pdf  


Operations with Exponents (notes).pdf

2/26/2015  54 Exponential Growth/Decay  Exponential Growth and Decay.pdf    
3/3/2015 55 Exponential Growth/Decay  Exponential Growth and Decay.pdf    
3/5/2015  55 Rational Exponents Rational Exponents.pdf      
3/9/2015  56 Logarithms  
57 Properties of Logarithms Logarithms.pd     
3/13/2015 58 Common Logs

Common Logs.pdf  

Answers: Common Logs (Answers).pdf

3/17/2015 59 Review  

Unit 7 Exponents and Logs Review.pdf


Answers: Unit 7 Exponents and Logs Review (Solutions).pdf  

3/192015 60 Unit 7 Quest      
3/23/2015 61 Trig Review  

Notes: Trig Review Notes.pdf


Review: Trig Review(1).pdf


Solutions: Trig Review Solutions.pdf


3/25/2015  62 Trig Review     
3/27/2015  63 Trig Review (Quiz)      
3/31/2015  64 Law of Sines  
Law of Sines.docx
4/2/2015  65 Law of Cosines  


Notes: Guided Notes Law of Cosines.pdf

Assignment: Law of Cosines(1).pdf

4/13/2015 66 Review Law of Sines and Cosines Law of Sines and Cosines Extra Practice.pdf      
4/15/2015 66 Area of Obliques

Area of Oblique Triangles(2).pdf


67 Bearings  Bearings(1).pdf
Dynamics of Trig Day 67.pdf
68 Bearings and Area of Quadrilaterals


Dynamics of Trig 1B_3B Day 76.pdf    
69 Project on Area of Quadrilaterals 

Area of Irregular Quadrilaterals Project(1).pdf

4/27/2015 70 Solving Trig Equations (Quadrants) Simple Trig Equations.pdf      
4/29/2015 71 Solving Trig Equations (One Step) Simple Trig Equations One Step.pdf      
5/1/2015 72 Quiz solving Trig Equations      
5/5/2015 73 Solving Trig Equations (Multiple Steps) Solving Trig Equations - Factoring.pdf  


Solving Trig Equations - Factoring Solutions.pdf  

5/7/2015 74 Solving Trig Equations (All Solutions) Solving Trig Equations - All Solutions.pdf      


75 Solving Trig Equations (Radians) Solving Trig Equations - Radians.pdf  


Solving Trig Equations - Radians Solutions.pdf  

5/13/2015 76 Quiz Solving Trig Equations      
5/15/2015 77 Solving Trig Equations (Applications)      
5/19/2015 78 Solving Trig Equations (Review)

Review: Solving Trig Equations Review.pdf


Solutions: Solving Trig Equations Review Solutions.pdf  
5/21/2015 79 Test Solving Trig Equations      
5/26/2015  80

Polar Coordinates

  Dynamics of Trig Day 80.pdf
5/28/2015  81 Polar Coordinates       
6/1/2015 82 Polar Project   

Polar Graphing Project 2015.pdf :

Must have exact answers in the "r" column

Approximate values may be in the "(r, theta)" column to help you plot. 

6/3/2015  83 Polar Projects Due       
6/5/2015  84
Review for Final Exam       
6/9/2015  85
Review for Final Exam       
6/11/2015  86 
Review for Final Exam       
6/15/2015  87 Review for Final Exam  Good Luck on the Final!   

End of the Year Survey:




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